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20年以上音楽業界に携わり、100曲以上のリリース、動画制作・撮影、映画出演など様々な経験を培ってきたTsunami Track Sounds運営を手掛けるKIHIRO本人が携わってきたアーティスト・作家・MIX/マスタリングエンジニア・撮影クルーなどをご紹介致します。


KIHIRO, who has been involved in the music industry for more than 20 years and has cultivated various experiences such as the release of more than 100 songs, video production and filming, and movie appearances, will introduce the artists, writers, mix/mastering engineers, and filming crews who have been involved in the operation.

KIHIRO has a worldwide network of contacts and can connect you with people and organizations that match your needs and provide language follow-up.
Please refer to Wikipedia for brief information about KIHIRO's achievements.

Our label provides mixing and mastering services for musical works.
If you are looking for a professional sound, whether major or indie, please use our services.
Our mix engineers are not only from Japan, but also from overseas, including an engineer who has won a Grammy Award in the mix category.

We can also compose music in any genre of your choice, from top-ranked songs.


Video production is also available, including filming, aerial photography, and editing.

Please contact us for more info. 

お問い合わせ/Get a Quote

各種料金などはお問い合わせください。 Contact us for inquires and pricing. 

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